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Systems Development Professional Competencies

Systems Development Professional Competencies

Identify systems development  theories that are critical for entrepreneurs to know.
Arden, Burkemper, & Sarooghi propose that the theory of effectuation represents a perspective which can safeguard the success of  a particular business module. (Arend, Burkemper, & Saroogh, 2015). This is the theory to protect from ambiguous development and assumptive implementation.

Identify system development skills that are critical for entrepreneurs to develop.
Integrating and developing functioning business systems while implementing novel ones, eliminating redundancy, and making almost instantaneous adaptations are imperative skills for any entrepreneur in the 21st century. Appended significantly extensive aptitudes include influential management, stakeholder supervision, and a pervasive knowledge of business process activities. When properly developed, the overall business performance is increased and risks, expected or unanticipated, are mitigated (Jeston & Nelis, 2014).

Identify system development abilities that are critical for entrepreneurs to develop.
The capacity to determine the conventional phases and essential components of a developing system equates to a successful entrepreneurial experience. Organizing strategy, vision, goals, and business ballista outlines the first set of necessary abilities to successfully develop functional business systems. Enablement provides for the facilitation of system development, while the “launch pad” initiates the process. Understanding , innovation, people management, building and testing, implementation, realization, and sustainability round out the list of critically significant system development abilities (Jeston & Nelis, 2014).

Identify system development behaviors that are critical for entrepreneurs to develop.
“Studies of such actions are important,and if such studies are important, then the critical analysis of any new conceptualizations of such actions,...,is also important (Arend, Burkemper, & Saroogh, 2015).” Three system development behaviors deemed essential by Jeston and Nelis are project management, people change management, and radiant leadership capabilities (Jeston & Nelis, 2014).

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