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The Purpose of Ecotourism

The Purpose of Ecotourism

Hotel industry continues to innovate when it comes to sustainability measure. It doesn’t have to be a hassle o create an environment that is friendly o the universe while also making guests feel as though they’re reducing their carbon footprint. The common misconception is going green can be costly. Time-consuming and inefficient, but by following these helpful trends, Hoteliers can operate a sustainable hotel with ease.
Leisure tourism is still a mass market. However, It will be less organized and a more individual form of mass consumption.

The main environmental impacts due to the hospitality industry are CO2 emissions, CFC emissions, Noise, Smoke, Smells, Health of staff, Waste energy, Waste water, Waste food, Waste disposal, agricultural ecology, purchasing policies, transportation policies,
More companies are trying to go green, many enterprises are now employing more sustainable practices to promote that green image that appears to consumers, such as using better products such using better food products to enhance the menu. We have had many scares with E.coli it is important to have better menu’s and having people know all the rules of servsafe and be aware of what to look for when preparing consumers food.
A negative impact is that the presence of building and tourists many destroy the local environment and habitat of native animals as well as without travel there is no tourism, most of the tourism comes from transportation.
In closing, There is always positive and negatives with everything. It is important when having a company think about your pro’s and con’s with everything. To think what not just best for the consumer but best for the company at a whole. So, that you can be successful and have a business with growth.

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