Kamis, 14 Juli 2016

The Beauty of Wine

The Beauty of Wine

I am really=y glad that this week has really defined wine making this is something that I have been looking forward to going over for a long time. In my education with Le Cordon Bleu I have switched my major from culinary arts to hotel/restaurant management so some of the classes that I was looking forward to taking were post pone but now I am able to take this one, and I am thankful. I have had the chance to bartend but only in an environment that provides you with wine in a box and I have also worked in a kitchen during the day with no wine service and still the wine that you used to cook still came in a box. I have had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful meals with excellent wine pairings but this is what I have been dying to learn more about how this wine pairing thing and wine process really works. Who knew it was so complicated; I have read and reviewed some information but did not realize that there are different organizations that evaluate the process of wine making. For instance The French initiated the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée system in 1935 as a means of safeguarding the more quality-conscious winemakers, vineyards, and areas from unethical producers who were taking advantage of the better-known names. Although the French AC system can't guarantee the quality of a producer's wine, it can control most of the elements that go into making it (Answer Corporation, 2013). This system has been put into place to assure that a wine maker can be appreciated for their practice and technique of wine making without someone coming along and trying to copy the hard work they have done. I love this idea it really makes it a challenge for other companies to come up with something originally and just as beautiful as their neighbor.

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