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The Cason Company Case Analysis

The Carson Company

           The Carson Company took steps in 2004 to become more socially responsible by signing a corporate code of conduct for the protection of children from sexual exploitation in the travel and tourism industry. I think that this step draws attention to the issue of corporate social responsibility within the hospitality industry. Setting a good example for other corporate businesses within the industry by encouraging a positive impact on the environment and communities around them. I feel it also shows how the commitment of business leaders should take moral side of issues that can not only effect their businesses but the communities surrounding them as well. The executive director of this company decided to focus on the issue of children exploitation and to the fight against child sex trafficking.
I feel that the CEO of the Carlson Company decided to sign the code of conduct agreement to help prevent child prostitution and sexual exploitation of children in the hospitality industry. From what I have read this is a large issue within these types of businesses. The Carlson Company provides services in a variety of different aspects of the hospitality industry. From hotels, restaurants, cruise ships to business and leisure travel. A corporate company that is so wide spread within this hospitality industry can not only have a bigger impact helping to prevent these crimes. It can also be impacted greatly by these crimes. The case study I read provides a good example of this. “In 2002, a Marriott Resort Hotel employee in Papagayo, was indicted for the aggravated pimping of minors in a case that involved a number of its hotel employees. The fallout for Marriott was next to catastrophic.” (Robyn linde) The code of conduct prevents things like this from happening. From what I understand not only does this policy help the companies to fight against this crimes but that the companies are also able to provide information to travelers in forms of brochures and such.
Unfortunately without many resources that were credible I wasn’t able to find to much information about the management style of this company however the case study I read did have a good description. What I understood from how the writer described the management of this company. The CEO of this company Carlson Nelson looks at every aspect of things and trys to consider the impact that a decision will make on the company as a hole. Keeping in mind the code of conduct and the views and opinions of everyone involved. Being a CEO I personally respect this style of leadership. To me it shows a type of understanding and compassion for their company and how well it succeeds.
After reading this I have learned a lot about the child prostitution and sexual exploitation of children that I was not aware of before. I have waitressed at truck stops and have been aware of things like this in parking lots at the truck stops and things to look for that might help in the prevention of child prostitution and sexual exploitation of children. But I was unaware of the larger scale impact that this type of activity has on other areas of the hospitality industry. My career goal of owning and managing my own restaurant it is important to learn about these things so that in the future I can help as well in the prevention of these crimes. This case study I feel was very helpful to me in expanding the management based knowledge that I have so far. As to things I should look for in employees and guests as well as things going on in the community around my business. As far as skills I have learned I think the only thing I can use skill wise is using the CEO of this company as a point of reference when making decisions for my business I would like to open in the future. Also I think after reading this it has given me the a strong drive to help prevent crimes involving children within this industry and has opened my eyes to how much more I need to learn about child safety and different things that can be done with in the hospitality industry. 
The Carlson Company and Global Corporate Citizenship: the protection of children in the travel and tourism industry Robyn Linde  Rhode Island College.

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