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Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program

A report on The Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center

Marketing Research

Since the United States government’s involvement in the healthcare industry, organizations have been drawn to medical science that cures specific diseases and widespread infections and those scientific journeys have created an ever increasing demand for quality healthcare. The world benefits when organizations devout themselves to solving health problems because solving systemic diseases are vital to human survivability. The Malcolm Baldridge Award recipients are organizations that have achieved world-class performance levels. For this study, we will review the Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program, Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center (VACSP).  In 2009, the VA Cooperative Studies Program was given the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the Nonprofit Category. The VASCP’s achievements while advancing health and care for Veterans is noteworthy and a display of marketing efficiency.
The Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program (VACSP) Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center (The Center), is a small organization of approximately 112 people. The main element of the organization is to support and manage drug-related activities in clinical trials (CSP Home, 2013). These clinical trials study the effectiveness and safety of drugs in humans under stringently controlled research conditions. The Center has orchestrated various trials and supported independent trials as well. Some of the test cases involve single or multiple sites in the US and internationally. The majority of their clinical trials are conducted at VA medical centers across the country.
 “The Center’s main product offerings support the pharmaceutical, safety and regulatory aspects of clinical trials” (CSP Home, 2013).  From the early beginnings in 1940, the scope of the CSP has broadened to a whole host of products and services that vary with the length and complexity of each clinical trial. The Center provides 4 main services;

  • Biomedical Laboratory Research. By definition, Biomedical Laboratory Research is “basic biological or physiological principles in humans or animals but does not involve intact human beings” (Webster Online, 2013).  This research has been controversial in recent years as it conducts research on animals and investigations of tissues, blood or other biologic specimens from humans. It is also the most perishable program due to the nature of the subject units, human body parts.
  • Clinical Science Research. Clinical research involves human beings as the test case. This is the most Inseparable program the organization offers because this program deals with controlled substances in human beings and the effects of those substances(Lamb et al., 2012, p. 46).
  • Health Service Research. This is the study of health care systems, the systems patients and renders a judgment about their outcome. This is also the organizations most intangible program because programs like these deal specifically with internal controls and patient treatment quality (Lamb et al., 2012, p. 46).
  • Rehabilitation Research. These types of studies are focused primarily on Veterans and their wellbeing.  These programs have the highest levels of heterogeneity because the facilities where they are conducted are stringently controlled and consistent (Lamb et al., 2012, p. 47). The outcomes of these studies have contributed to assist in transitioning of active duty Soldiers to civilian life.  
With the full support and backing of the United States, VACSP is able to utilize the best resources during trials. This is seen in the cleanliness of their facilities, the education of their doctors, nurses, scientist and engineers, quality of patient care and consistency of controlling test environments (VACSP, 2013). In 2010, Dr. Jerome Siegel and Dr. Joe Brice Weinberg conducted a trial on REM sleep. It demonstrates their reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and the physical evidence of their service. The following excerpt is a portion of the award given for their efforts in the study:
Jerome Siegel, Ph.D., of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System was awarded the 2010 William S. Middleton Award in recognition of several areas, including discovering the mechanism of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and discovering that the cause of narcolepsy as well as a crucial component of Parkinson's disease is due to loss of hypocrite neurons. Dr. Siegel's work is commendable in its innovativeness and creativity. His methodologies and novel sleep studies resulted in the improved understanding of not only the mechanisms of REM sleep, but also in the very function and evolutionary significance of sleep. This work has resulted in improved treatments for sleep disorders, including the use of hypocretin-1 to treat narcolepsy. His work has had high scientific impact in the treatment of diseases affecting Veterans and patients worldwide.

            The referenced study describes the methods used to carry out the study, the research of the doctors and their ethical considerations during the trial. Participants in this study were chosen among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. The doctors tested their patients at VA Hospital in Los Angeles and their sleep patterns were document while resting in a traditional American bedroom setting. This is one of many studies conducted during that year through VACSP. The study exemplifies the VACSP’s dedication its service quality. 
The results initially verified by the hypothesis that the world benefits when organizations devout themselves to solving health problems because solving systemic diseases are vital to human survivability.  The mission statement of VACSP is to advance the health and care of Veterans through cooperative research studies that produce innovative and effective solutions to Veteran and national healthcare problems. As an eight year Veteran of the Army, I have seen the care quality of Soldiers continuously improve from my fist enlistment date through the date of my commission as an officer. The VACSP efforts were evident when I served overseas in Iraq. Soldiers who dealt with combat related issues were able to receive effective and well researched treatment in theater. These luxuries were not afforded to our brother and sisters in arms during previous engagement like Vietnam and Desert Storm.

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